Although the artists featured in Doll Customizer Magazine usually participate by invitation, we welcome your submissions, so that your dolls may be considered for publication.

Additionally, if you’re a seller of doll-related items (customization materials, furniture, props, clothing, etc.), and if you’re willing to send these items to us at no charge, then please send photos of these items to us via email, and if we decide to show them, or use them (as far as customization materials go) in our publication, we’ll reply to you and provide our mailing address. We’ll then photograph your items once we receive them, print the photos in our publication, and provide our readers with your information as far as where these items can be purchased. These items will then either be stored with us for possible future use (and, if shown in our magazine again, are promised not to be published without your purchasing information), or they will be sold at an auction site, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the ASPCA.

Please email photos, along with any relevant information, to

We regret that not all submissions will receive a reply.