Dear Readers,

I am both excited, and a bit disappointed, to have to inform you that our premiere issue will not be released mid-February, as had previously been planned, but will, instead, be released closer toward the end of February. We have had such an overwhelming response from doll artists all over the world who wish to contribute, and though we have been practically working around the clock and have, of course, been writing our own tutorials, as well, we did not anticipate the swiftness with which the interest in this magazine has grown. This has caused us to spend a very large amount of time communicating with all of the artists, and though we can’t possibly fit all of their contributions into the first issue, we are trying to do our very best to offer to you the most spectacular first issue possible. Thank you so much for your interest and for your subscriptions, and please know that the wait will definitely be worth it! -Tina